Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review - Gerber Artifact Keychain Multi-Tool

People usually put trinkets or knick-knacks on their keychains for sentimental value. Personally, I do not understand that. I mean, if you are going to carry something around with you everywhere, why not carry something useful? All those trinkets add up and can end up being pretty heavy. I've seen people's keychains be so big and bulky that it becomes hard to carry them.

For a person with a preparedness mindset, the objects carried on one's person should be carefully chosen, since we, as human beings, can only comfortably carry a limited weight. We ought to make the most of the weight that we choose to carry.

Today, I'd like to review a tool that would actually be useful hanging off of your keychain. It's multi-tool but unlike most multi-tools, it's very small and light.

The Gerber Artifact is seven tools in one.
I'll be reviewing the Gerber Artifact. Somehow, Gerber was able to fit seven different tools into one small tool that can be easily carried on a keychain.

With the Artifact on your keychain, you have a:
- Liner Locking EAB #11 Hobby Blade
- Philips Driver
- Small Flat Driver
- Medium Flat Driver
- Bottle Opener
- Wire Stripper
- Pry Bar

The Artifact weighs in at 1.4 oz, is 3.5" long and only 1/4" thick. To me, that's just amazing.

While I personally have only handled the Artifact, I can say that it's a very solid feeling tool, and would not take up much space on a keychain. I've seen a pry bar keychain tool take up almost as much room. For near the same weight as a small pry bar, which in itself is a very useful item, you get a lot more with the Artifact.

The Gerber Artifact comes with a liner-locking blade.
It's also amazing that the blade on the Artifact is liner-locking. I wasn't expect that when I first saw the Artifact. This would make cutting much safer. I should also mention that the Artifact comes with three, razor-sharp replacement blades in case the main blade breaks or becomes too dull to use.

So for any of you looking for a small, keychain tool that would increase your capabilities, the Gerber Artifact might be something to consider.


  1. Something else really nice about the Artifact... for us frequent flyers, its TSA friendly! You just dispose the blade at security!

  2. Hi! I chose the Gerber Dime Multi-Tool since I've been using the brand for many years. It's quite affordable and very compact. I wonder how it is different from the Gerber Artifact? Although I've read from your blog that it has 7 mini tools? Quite impressive! I know from experience that all those tools will work! For more of the Gerber and many multi-tools, here's an excellent resource link http://myoutdoorslife.com/gear/traveling/buying-the-best-keychain-multi-tool.html

  3. This multitool looks so sexy! :) But then again, all Gerber products do, right? This is actually a nice gadget and it seems really small. But, it does lack some tools that some peiople might find neccessary. If you are looking for a more purpose multitool, you can check out reviews of some of the best models available on the market nowadays, here: http://hikingmastery.com/top-pick/the-best-multi-tool.html

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