Monday, October 11, 2010

To Carry or Not To Carry?

Today, I wanted to write about different kinds of concealed carry pistols, but before I write about that, I should backtrack a little bit and ask you this:
"To carry or not to carry?"

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It's a very important question to ask oneself, whether you are a die-hard self-defense supporter, or a person on the other end of the spectrum. Hopefully, reading this post will get you thinking.

Now close your eyes and imagine this situation, because similar situations have happened.

You are in a grocery store, with your two young children, Johnny aged 5, and Suzy aged 2. You really didn't feel like coming into the store at 9:30 pm, especially after a long day at work, but little Johnny really wanted some milk and, after checking the fridge, you saw that there was none left. Your spouse is out with some friends, leaving you with the kids.

 As usual, the milk is in the very back of the store, forcing you to go all the way to the back with your two fidgety kids. Luckily, the store has those two-seater carts, so your kids are sitting. Still, with every colorful object that they see on the shelf, they try and jump out. You are really losing your patience.

 You finally find the milk, and put two gallons into your cart. "Alright, time to check out," you say to yourself, heading towards the front of the store.

 Then you hear it. At first, you don't really know what's going on. Wow, that was loud. You hear another gunshot. "Bang!" Followed by screaming. Then another "Bang! Bang!" Then silence...

 Your kids begin to cry, but you quickly cover their mouths, panicking. Something serious is happening. "This can't be happening to me...", you say to yourself.

You release your hands from your children's mouth to try to see what is going on. As they being to whimper again, you catch a glimpse down an aisle towards the front of the store. The cashier and a shopper are laying down motionless. Surrounding them is a pool of blood, slowly getting larger. Presumably, they have been killed. You think to yourself, "Maybe, if I stay here and keep quiet, then whoever did this will just take the money behind the register and leave."

He doesn't leave. He doesn't want to leave. He is there for one purpose only:
To Kill Everyone In The Store

12 Gauge Shotgun Shells - 00 Buckshot
You quickly take your kids out of the cart and cover their mouths again. You crouch behind an aisle, catching a glimpse of a man walking towards you and your children. He has a crazed look in his eye, and is holding what looks like a large rifle. He pumps the action, and a large red casing falls to the floor... you instantly recall your grandpa's old shotgun. "He must have a 12 gauge", you think to yourself.

The figure stops as he notices you. You freeze, petrified with fear. He points the gun at you and...*click* He's out of shells. He quickly puts his hand into his pocket, with a frustrated look in his eyes. He pulls his hand out, you see a red shell in it.

You realize that he has to reload... You only have a few seconds to act.

Now here is the question, what is the one thing that you wish you had with you right now?

Continued tomorrow...

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  1. There is only one thing I can say about this scenario....why did this fictional parent wait for the attacker to squeeze off on an empty chamber before realizing that they needed to do something "quick"...GOD smiled on this person for sure. About the time they began strolling down the isle is about the same time my front sight is in clear focus with the target in the back ground! The fact that people don't think this type of thing can happen to them and the the police will be there to protect them, is exactly the reason this scenario and scenarios resembling this one continue to happen in this society.