Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review - 4Sevens MiNi CR2

A great everyday carry (EDC) flashlight, the Quark MiNi CR2 by 4Sevens is surprising in many ways. It is surprising in both it's brightness and it's size. Who thought a flashlight that weighs only 1.6 oz (w/ battery) could output 180 lumens of light? I sure didn't. Want to find out more about this light? Just continue reading.

The Quark MiNi series of lights by 4Sevens.
The MiNi CR2 is on the left.
At 2.0" long and 0.75" in diameter, the MiNi CR2 is the smallest, yet one of the brightest in the 4Sevens MiNi line of flashlights. It has ample knurling on all sides, giving a an adequate grip despite the small size. The body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and is Type III hard anodized in black for a very durable, yet elegant finish.

At the heart of the flashlight, is a CREE XP-G R5 LED emitter. This bright LED is capable of producting 180 lumens of light, as I mentioned earlier. Powering this LED is a single CR2 battery. This battery is what allows the flashlight to shine so brightly. It is a lithium cell which outputs 3.0V but because of the 900 mAh rating, only gives 40 minutes of light on high mode. I guess that's just the price that you pay for having a tiny flashlight. Conveniently, however, the MiNi CR2 comes with 2 CR2 batteries included, which can be difficult to find if you don't know where to look.

The LED is protected by an optical-grade glass lens with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. There is also a textured reflector behind the LED, which gives a soft beam pattern that is free from visible artifacts.

Did I mention that this flashlight is waterproof to 10 meters? There is an o-ring seal around the head, which keeps water out, allowing you to use this light underwater.

The MiNi CR2 has a textured reflector which gives a nice beam.
How to operate:
I already explained how to operate a Quark MiNi on the MiNi AA² review that I made last month. To save time, I will just copy that section, since operating the MiNi CR2 is identical to the MiNi AA².

The MiNi CR2 is turned on by twisting the head of the light. Turning it on will put you in Low mode. To get the other modes turn the light off and on quickly. This will put you in Medium mode. Doing that again will put you in High mode.

To get to Strobe, Beacon (High), Beacon (Low) and S.O.S. modes, which are consider "Special" modes, you have to cycle through the Low, Medium and High twice within 3 seconds.

This is the sequence of modes to get you a better picture of how it all works:
Low » Medium » High » Low » Medium » High » Strobe » S.O.S. » Beacon (High) » Beacon (Low)

With the MiNi CR2, you get 2 CR2 Batteries,
a spare o-ring, a split keyring and a lanyard.
Now that you know about the output modes, you probably would like to know their brightnesses and runtimes. I will list these below:
Low (3 lumens, 1.2 days)
Medium (40 lumens, 4.4 hours)
High (180 lumens, 40 min.)
Strobe (1.4 hours)
Beacon (High) (7.2 hours)
Beacon (Low) (36 hours)
S.O.S. (4.3 hours)

What's Included:
When you get the MiNi CR2, you don't just get a flashlight. You get two spare batteries, a spare o-ring and a lanyard that can be used to carry the flashlight. The lanyard has a split keyring that can be attached to a small hole in the MiNi CR2, allowing it to even be used as a keychain light.

So, what's there to say other than you should check one out. It's hard to believe that a light this small is so bright. No doubt as technology advances, lights will keep on getting smaller and smaller while getting brighter and brighter. As of today, I do not know of a brighter flashlight of this size. That should say a lot about the 4Sevens Quark MiNi CR2.

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  1. Hi nice blog!

    I agree the mini CR2 is probably the smallest brightest light, that runs on 'mainstream' primary batteries. I've given a few away as presents, and the 'giftees' have always been impressed with the amount of light that comes out of it.

    There are even smaller lights that can run on li-ion rechargeables (10440, 10280, 10180), that can produce a similar amount of lumens. However they require special chargers and knowledge to manage... not something I feel comfortable giving to non-flashaholics.

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