Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review - Keychain Oil Lighter

While not required daily for most people, a fire source can be a good thing to have with you for daily carry. The size of many lighters can be cumbersome, though, especially if you carry a wallet, cell phone, knife, keychain, etc. The infrequent use of a lighter discourages many people from carrying one every day, unless of course, you use it daily.

There is a solution to this problem, however. Today, I will be writing about a very small and functional lighter, one small enough to put on your keys. In the rare instance that you might need to start a fire.
The Keychain Oil Lighter is amazingly portable and functional.

While this Keychain Oil Lighter doesn't have a specific brand name, it is high quality. With the main body made of aluminum, this lighter should give you many years of good use.

The keychain oil lighter is only 2" long, with a diameter barely larger than 0.5". When closed, its silver pill-like shape doesn't even look like a lighter, which can be a good thing. It has a screw-on cap with a split keyring on top for attaching to a keychain. The lighter also comes with a small bead chain that is attached to the keyring.

This is an oil lighter, meaning that you will have to fill it with lighter fluid for it to work. If you are familiar with these types of lighters, you will know that the fluid in these lighters evaporates after some time. What's neat about the keychain oil lighter is that it has an o-ring that keeps a seal when the cap is closed, keeping the fluid from evaporating. This o-ring also makes this lighter waterproof.

To refill the lighter, you have to take out the lighter element out of the body. It comes out easily by pulling up on the flint wheel. Then, you carefully pour fluid onto the cotton on the bottom of the lighter element until you see that the cotton is saturated. Then, put the lighter element back into the body of the lighter. After waiting about 30 seconds for the wick to soak up the fluid, spark the wheel and the lighter should light.

When closed the lighter has a pill-like shape.
I should also say that this lighter will accept standard replacement flints and wicks, although a standard size wick will have to be cut down and made shorter in order to fit into this lighter.

From my experimentation with this fun little lighter, you get about 10 minutes of burn-time from a full refuel, which is more than adequate for daily use. What makes this lighter more valuable than perhaps a fire steel, is that with this lighter you have a source of flame, rather than a tool that just gives you sparks. This waterproof lighter would even work great for emergencies. Due to its small size, you can fit it practically anywhere.

The only downside that I can find with this lighter is that it does not have a wind protector, making it simple to put out. This is more of a constraint due to size, since a wind protector would take up too much room, so it's understandable why it isn't included.

Other than that, I love this lighter. With such small lighters on the market today, there's no reason to be caught without a source of fire.

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