Monday, January 10, 2011

EDC - More Than the Tools You Carry

I know that practically all of you are familiar with the concept of EDC (Everyday Carry) and carry a number of tools on your person to prepare you for daily chores. While tools are necessary for EDC, the concept of EDC is so much more than that.

What would happen if you no longer had the tools that you normally carry every day? Would you be totally unable to deal with the jobs that await you?

A simple folding knife like the Kershaw Chill can do a lot.
If you truly are an advocate of EDC, then you shouldn't be unprepared, even if you have no tools. The reason being, EDC comprises primarily of a mindset to be prepared. It is also a mindset to be creative with what you have.

Let me explain. Most of us carry a pocket knife, but we can use that knife for more than just cutting. We can use that knife to pry, scrape, drive flathead screws, hammer (when closed), etc. Having that knife allows you to practice improvising with it. It allows you to think outside of the box to improvise in other situations.

These improvisation skills lead to a mindset of perseverance when faced with a difficulty. Likewise, if you were in a situation without any tools, and you do have an EDC mindset, you should not give up, and try to make the most with what you have to get the job done.

You don't have to improvise much when you have a CRKT Zill-Tool Jr.
EDC also requires a mindset to acknowledge reality, otherwise you would not know what to prepare for, or you would fail to acknowledge the reality that it helps to be prepared. Many people are ignorant of reality. They just do not have a desire to be prepared, to make the most out of one's situation. People who EDC should not fall into this category.

If you lack any of these mindsets, and you do not carry tools for everyday preparedness, then I would suggest you begin. Learning to think like a EDC'er is a process that comes with time and with experience. Don't waste another day. Start taking things into your own hands. If there's a problem that you repeatedly come across, carry the tools necessary to overcome it. You will be a better person because of it.

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