Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review - FOURSEVENS Preon P1

A excellent EDC choice for someone who wants a little more style in their flashlight, the Preon P1 is small, bright durable and really cool looking. Coming in 4 bright colors, and even a titanium version, there really is a Preon P1 for everyone.

The Preon P1 is powered by one AAA battery, giving you 60 lumens out of the front of the light. This isn't an extreme brightness, but considering the size of the Preon P1, it is very good. The current model of the Preon P1 is powered by a CREE XP-G S2 LED, which is CREE's most efficient XP-G LED.

The Preon P1 has 7 lighting modes. They are listed below.

The Preon P1 by FOURSEVENS
comes in many different colors.
The modes are:
Low(1.8 lumens, 23 hours)
Medium(8.5 lumens, 6 hours)
High(70 lumens, 0.8 hours)
Strobe(1.6 hours)
Beacon (High)(8 hours)
Beacon (Low)(40 hours)
S.O.S.(2.4 hours)

Operating the Preon P1 is fairly straightforward. The light is turned on by tightening the head. Likewise, the light is turned off by loosening the flashlight head.

The Preon 1 has a textured reflector, giving a soft, diffuse beam.
To select a different level of constant output, turn the Preon P1 off and then on again within 1 second. This will select the next level of constant output in the following sequence:

Low » Medium » High

If the light is turned off for 2 seconds or longer, it will revert back to Low.

The Preon P1 has 4 special output modes: Strobe, S.O.S., Beacon (High), and Beacon (Low). To access these modes, quickly switch through two full "cycles" of the regular outputs, starting with Low. These two full cycles must be completed within 3 seconds:

Low » Medium » High » Low » Medium » High » Special Outputs

You can continue to cycle through the special outputs in the following sequence:

Strobe » S.O.S. » Beacon (High) » Beacon (Low)

The Preon P1 comes with a AAA battery,
spare o-rings and a keychain/lanyard ring.
After Beacon (Low) mode, the output reverts back to Regular Low. Both Beacon modes will first flash 5 times and then once every 10 seconds.

The Preon P1 is constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum (except for the titanium version, obviously). The colors are hard-anodized onto the aluminum, giving a very even and elegant finish. The flashlight weighs 0.9 oz with the included AAA battery. It is 3.0" long and 0.55" in diameter. It really is a very small and lightweight flashlight.

Carrying the Preon P1 is very simple as well. It can either be done with the included pocket clip, or the pocket clip can be swapped out for a keychain/lanyard ring. If you wish, you can take just throw it in a pocket or pouch and carry it like that. With the small size of the Preon 1, there really are a number of carry options available.

I should also say, that like all FOURSEVENS flashlights, the Preon P1 is waterproof. It has a o-ring seals on all openings. This particular flashlight is waterproof to 10 meters for 30 minutes, as rated by FOURSEVENS.

What do I think about it? Well, I love the flashlight. Bright flashlights don't have to look bland anymore. The bright colors offered by the Preon P1 are very attractive. For those who want a colorful but no less functional flashlight, definitely consider the Preon P1.

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