Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disse Outdoor Gear - Everyday Carry Packs

This is a preliminary review for a new company that I just was introduced to. The company is called Disse Outdoor Gear and they make a whole variety of everyday carry (EDC) packs.

The Captus 1hb is one of Disse's more functional packs.
Now I know that the whole concept of EDC is to have the greatest amount of versatility in the tools that you carry, all in the smallest possible package, to allow you to carry these tools with you at all times. Now this mainly consists of a folding knife, wallet, watch, cell phone, flashlight, and pistol. If you want more capabilities than this, you'll either have to load up your cargo pockets or carry a bag/pouch with you.

Personally, I feel like the more comfortable option would be to go with a bag rather than load up your pockets to a point where walking becomes uncomfortable.

Now, the next problem would be to find a bag that is functional, yet looks good. I mean, we don't want to be labeled as carrying a purse, do we? It's not a purse, it's a "tactical carry-all" aka an EDC Pack.

The Celo 2ed in Olive Tan is the pack that I'm planning on carrying.
Anyways, ever since looking into Disse's product line, I have been impressed with what they offer. Currently, their EDC packs are all of the single-strap variety, with two of them (Quadrula-X, Receptrix) having the ability to be carried by a carry handle if the strap is removed. They all remind me of messenger bags, although having many more pockets, and attachment points.

Along with having great packs, Disse has detailed videos of all of their products.

Having even one of their smaller bags such as the Quadrula-X greatly increases your ability to carry useful gear. Now, along with your most basic tools, you can have things such as a first-aid kit, camera, pens/pencils, paper, eating utensils, more specialized tools, cordage, fire starting material, poncho, etc.

Your possibilities are greatly enhanced without much difficulty, by carrying an EDC pack. Having such a pack opens up your options so much that I'm actually going to start carrying one very soon. Expect an in-depth review once I carry it for a few weeks. In the meantime, check out some of these Disse EDC packs for yourself!

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