Saturday, June 4, 2011

EDC Update - Importance of an EDC Flashlight - 4Sevens Quark 123² Turbo

Hey, so I figured I'd write up my experiences of carrying an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight during the past few months.

The 4Sevens Quark 123² Turbo is the
light I chose as my EDC flashlight.
Before starting this blog, I always carried a folding knife, but rarely had a flashlight on my person. I guess you can call it laziness, but I never got around to actually purchasing a flashlight designed to be carried daily. I had two requirements for a light, well 3 really. I needed the flashlight to be compact, have a pocket clip and, last but not least, to be bright.

After being turned on to 4Sevens, and seeing the value of their flashlights, I ended up purchasing a 4Sevens Quark 123² Turbo and haven't looked back since. There are many other great flashlights on the market, by many great companies, but the things that the Quark 123² Turbo offered, I felt, was better suited for me.

Without turning this into a full-scale review, I'll just go over some of the key features of the light. The flashlight has a good size, being 4.9" long and weighing 3.9 oz with the batteries installed. The flashlight outputs 230 lumens on max mode, which is very bright. It is turned on and off by a clicky switch on the tailcap and has 8 programmable modes: Moonlight, Low, Medium, High, Max, SOS, Strobe and Beacon. Two of the eight modes can be saved onto the light for quick access either by tightening or loosening the head of the flashlight.

This flashlight is a thrower, meaning that it is meant to shine far away. It has a bright, concentrated center spot, which is great for shining at far objects. It isn't as good is you're looking for a smooth, even beam for up-close lighting. However, having the ability to illuminate things far away is worth having a brighter center spot when shining up close.

The smooth, deep reflector makes this light a thrower.
Since it's a thrower, the light has a deep, smooth reflector, making the head of the light longer and thicker in diameter than other, similar flashlights. Surprisingly, this thicker head doesn't bother me when I carry the light in a pocket. I don't notice it. I really like the light, and after carrying it for about 7 months, it would still be my #1 choice for a flashlight.

So, like I said, I've been carrying the light for some time. While not being as useful as a knife, having the flashlight on me has helped with everyday tasks. Usually it's to find something that I dropped under a sofa or behind a piece of furniture. It's also been useful in navigating in the dark.

After getting used to carrying a light with me daily, I won't go back to not having one. Think of it this way. What is your most useful sense? It's your vision. When it's dark somewhere, your vision is diminished. You are basically blind. Having a flashlight on your person lets you keep your vision whenever and wherever you go. It's a great idea to have one, whether it is a light as bright as a Quark 123² Turbo or as small as a Preon 1. Either one can help you in a pinch. In some cases, it may even save your life.

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