Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review - Fox 40 Whistles

When it comes to EDC (Everyday Carry), what comes to mind? Well a few items such as a: Wallet, Wristwatch, Cell Phone, Keys, Flashlight, Knife, Handgun...

We don't often think about signaling devices as part of our EDC. Sure, most people carry a cell phone, and a flashlight can also be used as a signaling device at night, but what about signaling during the day? What about in situations where cell phone service isn't available? What can you do to prepare for situations like that?

The Fox 40 Classic Whistle is the original design
and can reach a screaming 120 dB!
Well, the solution to that problem is quite simple and inexpensive: Carry a whistle!

Whistles are useful items that we have all used before, but not something that we generally carry with us. Well, why not? They're small, cheap and, very often, essential in an emergency situation.

Some of the best whistles that I have used in light of their price are the Fox 40 series of whistles. These whistles stand head and shoulders above your average pea whistle, and for good reason! It's not a coincidence that the NBA, NHL, NFL, FIFA and other major sports organizations use Fox 40 Whistles.

What makes these whistles so special?

Well, for one they're incredibly loud. Their whistles go anywhere from 90 dB (decibels) to 120 dB. For those who don't have experience with such noises, 120 dB will hurt your ears. In fact, hearing damage can result from sounds as low as 90 dB. They are louder than any of the pea whistles that I have used in the past.

There's more to their advantage over the pea whistles than just the volume. The Fox 40 Whistles are pealess. They contain no moving parts, and this means no parts that can freeze or get gummed up with use. This advantage is useful, especially to those who may use their whistles in extreme climates (cold, hot, rainy, dusty, etc.)

Another advantage to Fox 40 Whistles is that they clear themselves when filled with water or other fine particles. That makes them perfect for marine use.

Well, if these whistles are so great, they must cost a fortune, right?

Not so. These whistles are mass-produced out of molded plastic, making them very affordable. In fact, you can pick up the economy-priced Fox 40 Pearl Series for less than $4. The Fox 40 Classic Series, which is their original groundbreaking design, can be had for about $6, which is still very affordable.

With their light weight, small size, amazing loudness and affordability, what reason do you have not to carry one everyday?