Thursday, April 11, 2013

Assault (on Defensive) Weapons

I understand that this blog is about Everyday Carry (EDC), but underlying all that, this blog is about general preparedness. EDC has to do with preparedness items that you take out of the house with you. I am assuming that your preparedness as an individual does not end with the tools you take with you daily. I hope that you have the foresight to think about items that you can store at home to help you in emergencies more serious than not having a folding knife when you need to open a cardboard box, or having a first-aid kit for the off-chance that you cut yourself with that knife.

Like I said, this blog is about preparedness. You should have preps at home covering basic essentials: food, water, shelter, clothing, communication, light sources, energy sources, etc. To guard against those who would take injure you or your family, or those would wish to take your preps away, you need to have some sort of defensive plan as well. The most modern and effective tool for defense against an assault would be a firearm.

It seems like there has been a media firestorm in recent weeks with regard to guns and demonizing their owners. It wouldn't be right if I didn't at least touch on the subject.

For EDC, even a Glock 19 is a compromise when compared to a rifle.
With its 15 round standard magazine capacity, politicians would further
restrict its usefulness by limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds.
When you think of an EDC firearm, you usually would think of a compact, easily concealable pistol. You want maximum defensive capability in the smallest package. It's all about efficiency and recently, this type of efficiency has been under attack.

When purchasing a firearm for daily carry, it doesn't make sense to put artificial constraints on the capability of that firearm. You're already making compromises by carrying a pistol in the first place, as opposed to carrying a rifle or a shotgun. Politicians nowadays are calling on magazine capacity restrictions, to further limit your pistol's effectiveness.

A magazine for most handguns is meant to store the maximum amount of ammunition within the grip of the gun. It spans the full length of the grip, in order to fit as much ammunition within that space as possible. If and when you'd ever need to use it, you would want the maximum amount of firepower possible to defend your life.

With the current calls for magazine capacity restrictions, politicians want to limit the size of those magazines, limiting your ability to defend yourself as effectively as possible. If you choose to carry a gun with a longer grip, you are sacrificing comfort in return for the ability to carry more ammunition. These proposed laws would negate any defensive benefit that you would get by carrying a pistol with a longer grip.

I just don't get it. With all the calls for ending "gun violence", not once have I heard politicians call for disarming criminals, only the law abiding citizen. The only logical conclusion to explain this type of behavior must be that they consider all of us criminals or at least potential criminals.

Home Defense

Going back to an earlier topic, preparedness does not end with the things we carry with us on a daily basis. We need to have more serious preps at home. Defense, being essential to preparedness, needs to be beefed up at home to protect the things that we have stored. We also need to be able to defend that which is even more valuable, our lives and the lives of our family members.

This AR-15 is used for defense, not assault. It is chosen
because it is the best there is for its given application.
At home, we have the luxury of storing more capable defensive weapons, not being limited to only handguns. One such weapon that is commonly owned and used by hones, law abiding, everyday Americans, is the AR-15. No, it's not an "assault weapon". It's a defensive weapon and one of the best ones ever invented. It's light-recoiling, accurate, very customizable, and very reliable. Perhaps in a later post, I will look at its capabilities in greater detail.

Anyways, what is also being under attack by politicians is our ability to own such weapons. It's not really the defensive weapons that are under attack but the idea of self-defense in general. Having the ability to say no to aggression is threatening to any would-be aggressor. Do you think it's a coincidence that while the government is calling to disarm Americans, they are increasing their own weapon stockpiles?

I hope that all of you reading this recognize the urgency of this current assault against our ability to defend ourselves. Call your legislators and let your voices be heard. If you are able, take some newbies shooting and teach them the importance of self-defense.

If you disagree with this post, then take some time to research the issue and learn some first-hand knowledge of what a firearm is and what it can do. Unfortunately, what you hear in the media are mostly emotional sound-bites with very little factual information. You owe it to yourself to learn the facts.

Stay prepared and continue to defend freedom.