Friday, May 3, 2013

Fixed Blades for EDC?

For the most part on EDC Blog, when I have talked about knives, it's mainly been about folding knives since these are the knives most likely to be carried daily. This hasn't really been fair, since there I have closed you guys off to the amazing world of fixed blade knives. The selection for fixed blades is even greater than that of folding knives, since they are used far more often in various tasks.

The handle of the CRKT M21 G10 are nice,
but not as comfortable as many fixed blades.
There are times when you may carry a fixed blade knife as part of your EDC (everyday carry) gear. These would probably be times that you are hiking, camping, working outdoors or about to enter an environment other than the suburban or urban places where many of us live and work.

Advantages to fixed blades are that they usually offer a better grip, can have more job-specific blade shapes, and are usually stronger than folding knives. If you're anticipating putting your knife to hard use, then a fixed blade should definitely be your carry knife for that day.

Another great reason to carry a fixed blade, is that, for the money, they're usually of higher quality. The intricate mechanisms that go into some folding knives can make them more expensive than fixed blades.

This Mora 511 may be the best value knife their is.
A great example when it comes to ultra high-value fixed blades is the knife manufacturer, Mora of Sweden. The knives that Mora makes are simple in their construction and design, but have some of the sharpest, nicest factory blade edges that I've seen. When you look at the price, you may be shocked to find that many of their knives sell for less than $20. A particular favorite of mine is the Mora 511, which comes it at under $10. I guarantee that you won't find a better blade for that price.

Look to this blog for a more detailed look into the knife manufacturer, Mora, in my next post.


  1. For me, fixed blade knives are more convenient to use - no more effort in prying folding knives that can sometimes be taxing. I go for versatility in my knives and I also consider weight and material used for the blade. Needless to say, the blade must be tough and durable. It shouldn't easily rust and must be affordable. I also checked on the handle to make sure it doesn't easily slip my grasp to avoid accidents. I go for the trusted names in knives and it has made camping safer and more enjoyable for me and my friends. For fixed blade knives, reviews in this site is awesome