Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review - Type I Paracord

Type I Paracord - Great for EDC
I've reviewed Type III Paracord in the past, but there is another type of Paracord that may be even more useful for EDC (Everyday Carry). It's called Type I Paracord, and it's great for securing memory sticks or other small objects to your keychain, for making lanyards, or for any other jobs where a strong/durable, but very thin, cordage is necessary.

A comparison of Type III Paracord vs. Type I Paracord.
Type I Paracord is very similar in construction to Type III Paracord (aka 550 Paracord) but it differs in one key feature. Whereas Type III has 7 inner strands, Type I only has 1 inner strand, while still having a colored outer sheath.

Well, how strong is it?

Tensile Strength breakdown of Type I Paracord:
Outside Sheath - 65 lbs
Inner Strand - 35 lbs each x 1 strand
Total Strength - 100 lbs

Type I Paracord, just like Type III,
comes in a variety of colors.
The total strength for Type I is 100 lbs, which is very strong. While fairly strong, Type I is also very thin. Type I Paracord is only about 1/16" thick, whereas Type III Paracord is about 3/16" thick. It's also much lighter per foot. For the same weight as 100' of Type III Paracord, you can carry about 350' of Type I. It's rare that you would need a cordage stronger than 100' for daily tasks. If you would need more strength, you can still double or triple up on the cordage.

So, if you're interested in carrying cordage as part of your EDC, it might be good to take a look at Type I Paracord. Carrying 100' of Type I around with you isn't as difficult as you may think: bundled into a small hank, it's about the size of a multi-tool.

Have any of you had any experience with Type I Paracord? If so, let me know in the comments below.