Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review - Exotac Key Rings

The FREEKey puts a new twist on the standard keyring.
Something that nearly everyone carries in their EDC (Everyday Carry) gear are keys. We use keys for our homes, cars, lockers, etc. The standard way of carrying keys is on a keyring. This method has worked for generations, but now there's an updated design to the age-old keyring.

The Exotac FREEKey Keyring works just like a standard keyring, but allows you to very easily add or remove your keys from the ring. No more broken nails or bleeding fingers from trying to open the ring.
The FREEKey is very simple to open and use.

The way that this patented design works is that there's a slight bump in the keyring that you push again, which separates the end of the keyring, allowing you to remove a key. It's really difficult to just explain in text. The illustration does a much better job of explaining this.

The size and weight is on par with your standard keyring. The FREEKey only weights 0.15 oz and is 1" in diameter. It is made out of Stainless Steel and should last for a very long time.

The FREEKey System allows you to
organize your keys on the keyring.
If that wasn't enough, there is also a version of the FREEKey, called the FREEKey System, that comes with 3 smaller keyrings that allow you to subdivide your keys into sections for easy removal. For example, you can have keys used for around the home on one small keyring, keys for work on another and keys to the gym on a third.

If you're looking for a change to the standard keyring or dread the idea of adding or removing keys from your keyring, then I would highly recommend taking a look at the FREEKey Keyring by Exotac.

Do any of you have any experience with the FREEKey? If so, let me know in the comments below!