Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Real Paracord Survival Bracelet

Paracord Survival Bracelets are popular for a number of reasons. They look great and allow you to carry a usable amount of very strong cord with you wherever you go. However, the application of what you can do with paracord is generally limited to tying things together.

This is what I think a Paracord Survival Bracelet should look like.
It's 2016 and things have changed for the better.

I would like to show you guys what I think a real paracord survival bracelet should be. The purpose of such a bracelet would be to pack in the most amount of functionality into a bracelet, while still keeping the costs reasonable and the bracelet functional.

Starting with the cord. I was recently introduced to a new product called Fish & Fire Paracord. This cord combines all of the strengths of 550 Paracord (7 white internal strands & strong outer sheath), with an added 8 lb test monofilament fishing line and a strand of jute twine.

The functionality of the Firestarting Whistle Buckle
makes this bracelet excellent.
I've written about Paracord for EDC before, but what the Fish & Fire Cord gives you is a more useful line for fishing (monofilament) and the ability to easily start a fire with the jute twine. If you've never used it before, jute makes a great tinder by fluffing it up and forming a ball.

The next thing that makes this bracelet so useful is the buckle. The Firestarting Whistle Buckle combines a buckle, a ferrocerium (fire steel) rod and a functional whistle. This buckle, along with the Fish & Fire Paracord, would allow you to start a fire almost anywhere, as long as you have adequate fuel after you ignite the jute.

To me, a bracelet made with these two items makes a lot of sense. The added functionality of the whistle, fishing line, ferro rod and jute, make this bracelet a great addition to your EDC gear.


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