What is EDC?

Introduction to the Concept of EDC

EDC stands for every day carry. It is a term that describes the items that you carry on your person, day in and day out, to accomplish the tasks that you may come across during that day. These tasks can range from the most basic, such as opening an envelope or paying for lunch, to the extreme emergency, such as defending your life against an attacking aggressor or finding a way out of your vehicle after being trapped underwater. The probability of a situation occurring must also be taken into consideration. For example, in the middle of the summer, you would not choose to bring a winter jacket with you in case of a sudden summer snowstorm.

Another thing that has to be considered is the size and weight of the tools that you plan on carrying since some tools may be to heavy or bulky to normally carry around. A great tool to have for the possibility of drowning would be a life jacket. However, it is not practical to carry one around with you at all time.

The possible situations, with their probabilities of happening, and with the size/weight of the tools all have to be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate EDC gear that will help you overcome situations encountered throughout the day. These considerations are balanced and distilled into a couple of items that can be carried on your person at all times.

These items usually consist of:
- Wallet (money, credit cards, identification cards, etc.)
- Wristwatch
- Cell Phone
- Music Player (iPod)
- Folding Knife/Multi-tool/Fixed Blade Knife
- Flashlight
- Firemaking Source (Lighter/Matches)
- Keys and Keychain Tools (Small Knife, LED Light, Mini Pry Bar, etc.)
- Defensive Tools (When it comes to defensive tools, local laws usually dictate what
  people carry)
     - Handgun
     - Pepper Spray
     - Impact Device (Kubotan, Folding Baton, etc.)
- First Aid Kit/First Aid Items
- Cordage (Easy way to carry cordage is as a bracelet)

Now this is just a bare-bones list of what EDC items people can and do carry. People might not carry all of them at once, it really depends on the attire they are wearing, whether they are carrying a bag, etc.

Choosing your EDC is important but not forever. As you learn what works and what doesn't, you EDC gear will change to suit your situation. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new gear.